Dr. Rudrashis Datta

Literatures in English

The thrust in this area is to provide to the learners basics of information, concept building modules, interpretive strategies in literatures in English and paradigms of creative approaches to texts and various audio-visual media.

Though the primary focus would be on the literature of the United Kingdom, the modules would carry substantial materials on Indian writing in English and the English literature of the Commonwealth, besides literatures translated into English.


Education has been one of the most important of all emerging subjects and the primary reason of its universal acceptance in the academia is because it caters to issues of pedagogy, educational psychology, educational policy framing and implementation.

The aim in this area is to provide to the learners a comprehensive approach to education as a subject and as a means of enriching teaching-learning activities.

Skill Enhancement

Skills have emerged as the building blocks of educational outcomes and modern day skills go beyond information and knowledge and ventures into areas of personality development and adjustment, leadership qualities, teamwork, adaptation to changing scenarios and having the ability to use learning to new situations and circumstances. This module shall provide materials so that the learners can develop the twin abilities of skill enhancement and personality development through appropriate and effective soft skills.


Education has long evolved out of the classroom. We are living at a time when education has emerged as the key empowering aspect of our lives. Education has ceased to imply information assimilated through rote learning and has gone into the domains of creativity, assimilation of ideas and skill development. This site seeks to address the changed scenario and aims at providing learners materials in the specific subject areas of Literatures in English, Education and Skill Enhancement.

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